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AFTERBUZZ TV – Scandal edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Scandal. In this show, host Mari Fagel breaks down the season 1 episodes Sweet Baby; Dirty Little Secrets in which Quinn Perkins comes to what she believes to be a blind date, only to find that she is now getting offered a job at Pope & Associates, a job that she’s dreamed about for a while; Olivia Pope and Stephen work on getting a Russian Ambassadors baby back from kidnappers. Just as they are all about to leave Lieutenant Sully St. James comes in pleading for help as his girlfriend had just been murdered; Olivia gets a call from Cyrus as a woman named Amanda Tanner has been saying she has been sleeping with the president and request her help. After Olivia talks to, or so threatens, Amanda, Quinn questions if she wants the job. Olivia goes to David Rossen asking for 36 hours as so they can clear Sully’s name; As the clock ticks Abby and Stephen look for concrete evidence for Sully’s alibi, finding a security camera with Sully kissing another man. Sully refuses to admit that he is gay, as he’s a open anti-gay republican; Quinn convinces Olivia that Amanda isn’t lying as the president called her ‘Sweet Baby’, the same name he used for Olivia. Olivia convinces Sully to come out as gay, and then takes Amanda in as her new client. Later, Pope & Associates’ new client is one of the biggest madame’s in all of D.C., finding that she is about to go to jail for the rest of her life; Olivia finds that Cyrus took away her access to the White House. Olivia sets Quinn up to look after Amanda, only to find that she walked away from the hospital; Abby finds herself jealous when she sees that Stephen was on the list of people that slept with one of the madame’s call-girls. Olivia goes to Amanda only to find that Amanda doesn’t want anything to do with her; Quinn meets a reporter named Gideon and finds that he is looking to make a story out of Amanda trying to kill herself. One of the names on the ‘client list’ is Fitzs’ candidate to be on the Supreme Court, but when they question him they find that he doesn’t know anything about it; Olivia finds that it is his wife that he slept with years ago and convinces her to tell him that she was a call girl. Fitz gives back Olivia’s access to the White House; While Amanda comes to Olivia saying that she wants help. Gideon finds that he has a story; As the madame is put out of business and her clients are never revealed to the public if they endorse President Grant’s candidate, per Olivia’s orders. There to help Mari is co-host Emile Ennis Jr. It’s Scandal’s “Sweet Baby; Dirty Little Secrets” podcast!

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