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AFTERBUZZ TV – Scandal edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Scandal. In this show, host Emile Ennis Jr. breaks down the season 1 episode “Enemy of the State” in which the dictator of South America comes to Pope & Associates when he finds that his wife and children have been kidnapped; Cyrus begins digging into everyone in Pope & Associate’s backgrounds. Olivia finds that her world is upside down when Amanda’s pregnancy test come out to be true; Quinn begins going on dates with Gideon, but is skeptical to the fact that he says that he doesn’t need her as a source anymore because he has someone else. Abby and Harrison find that General Flores’s wife didn’t really get kidnapped, that she attempted to leave him, but when Abby takes it into her own hands to help her, Olivia returns them back to the General, causing Abby and Olivia to get into a fight. Gideon begins researching everything about Amanda Tanner and the President; While Fitz begins wondering what would happened if everything came out into the public. Olivia helps the Generals wife leave her husband, and eventually convince him to let her take the children. In the middle of the night Amanda Tanner is kidnapped from Olivia’s house, while she and the rest of the ‘Gladitors’ prepare for the trial; Cyrus and Olivia come to blows and decide that it is now a full blown ‘war’. There to help Emile are co-hosts Sofia Stanley and Bamm Ericsen. It’s Scandal’s “Enemy of the State” podcast!

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