Say Yes to the Dress... and Tux! – S1 E8 ‘Love is Blind’ Recap & Review

Does appearance play that big of a role in a relationship, or is love truly blind? That’s the question our hosts will be answering every episode as they dive into Netflix’s new show! AfterBuzz TV’s LOVE IS BLIND AFTERSHOW will break down each couple as they meet, fall in love and get married!

Cameron and Lauren’s dad conclude their conversation and end on a really good note – they will grow to love each other! The girls get their friends and family together for dress shopping and the boys do the same for tuxes. Jessica feels the need to have yet another conversation with Barnett (with wine) where she laughingly denies any continued feelings. Damian and Gianina fight over social media screen-time. Barnett is worried about Amber’s financial situation. Mark re-creates the pod situation in he and Jessica’s apartment via separate picnic setups.
Today’s After Show is hosted by: Michael Thieling and Flobo Boyce

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