Sailor Moon S:3 | Infinity 4 Sailor Uranus –Haruka Tenou– Sailor Neptune –Michiru Kaiou– E:5 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV — Sailor Moon edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Sailor Moon. In this episode hosts Markeia McCarty, Megan Salinas, and Emma Fyffe discuss episode 5.

Usagi Tsukino was a normal second-year middle school girl whose own life changes one day when she encounters a black cat. The cat’s name is Luna who can talk and bears a crescent moon on her forehead. Luna tells Usagi that she is the chosen guardian of justice with the power to transform into Sailor Moon. Usagi now has a new responsibility which is a mission to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal as well as the other chosen guardians to protect the Moon Princess. During her mission, she must deal with various enemies sent by Queen Beryl who is also after the Illusionary Silver Crystal.

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