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Tackling the Netflix adaptation of Sabrina in 3 parts, the CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW has you covered with discussions on the plots, characters, events, and predictions of the show! These are spoiler discussions after having watched the whole season, so beware! Stay tuned, get witchy, and have fun with the hosts with every episode! Subscribe, rate, and comment to stay up to date!

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Afterbuzz Hosts Tehran Von Ghasri @IAmTehran, Ashleigh Morghan, Veronica Valencia discuss NETFLIX’s CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA – SEASON 3 – EPISODE 3 – CHAPTER 23 – HEAVY IS THE CROWN
A mysterious carnival popped into Greendale overnight and trouble seems afoot. The Cunning allows Roz to see the ringmaster as a satyr but she doesn’t know why. A new student at Baxter High, Robin, is also a member of the carnival. He’s warming up to Theo, while the snake charmer is warming up to Harvey’s dad, leading to an awkward morning-after breakfast around the kitchen table. Nick is suffering from PTSD from being trapped with Lucifer and is looking to drown his trauma from being tortured in Hell with absinth and BDSM.
Sabrina, once again, finds herself torn between her personal life and her Queen of Hell after-school job. Caliban formally challenges Sabrina for the throne, which entails both of them retrieving the Unholy Regalia, the three most powerful occult artifacts. The first is Hell’s Crown, a.k.a. the Crown of Herod, which offers up a fun look at the Blossom family history.  Turns out the Blossoms’ maple syrup empire is built on the cursed object. One of Cheryl’s ancestors, Benjamin Blossom, found Hell’s Crown and brought it back to Riverdale, where Sabrina and Ambrose find it inside a tree trunk. However laying hands on the crown summons its guardian, a mummified Herod himself. While Ambrose is tinkering away at home, using the crown to magically charge up wands, Herod attacks and tracks down Sabrina at the carnival with Nick. They are able to defeat Herod, thanks to Ambrose’s new wand, but Caliban joins in during the chaos and makes a getaway with the crown. In the aftermath, Nick goes to live at the Academy for a while, but there’s still something going on with the carnival. They are plotting to sacrifice a virgin. Harvey, Roz, or Mrs. Wardwell will do. Then they plant a flower in the ground, pour fresh human blood on it, and pray for the Green One to rise again.

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