Ryan and Annie Are DONZO – S2 E8 ‘Shrill’ Review & Recap

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Ryan and Annie Are DONZO – S2 E8 ‘Shrill’ Review & Recap

In the final episode of the season, Annie deals with the repercussions of her job knowing the truth about her and Ryan at work. She has lunch with Sheila who implies that she wants Annie to spy on her and potentially kick out Gabe. In the end, Gabe interrupts their lunch date, and Annie’s mother calls her about an emergency with her father. At the hospital, Annie and her mother open up and really bond, healing over their past communication issues. At Fran’s party, Fran and Emily hook up while Annie finally realizes Ryan isn’t the right guy for her. After telling Ryan she wants a partner, not someone she has to mother, Annie breaks it off with Ryan.
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