RWBY Vol. 6 Episode 7 Reaction and Review – Rooster Teeth Reviews

We’ve reached a dead end! This week on Rooster Teeth Reviews, no amount of technical difficulties can keep us down! Hosts Megan Salinas, Mark Donica, Stacey Shuttleworth, and Katie Cullen take a look at Volume 6 Episode 8 of RWBY. Our crew takes a look at a few new characters from the Atlas military, discuss the ramifications of having to break the truth to Jaune, and examine the mentor/mentee relationship that’s developing between Ruby and Marie. All this and more on this week’s show!

PANEL – Mark Donica – @MarkBDonica

Katie Cullen – @Kiaxet

Megan Salinas – @TheMenguin

Stacey Shuttleworth – @StaceyShuttles

Patrick Dees – @PToTheDees

Special guest: Samantha Ireland