RWBY Vol. 6 Episode 11 Reaction and Review- Rooster Teeth Reviews

 Giant robot fights and story arc culminations take front and center in this week’s Rooster Teeth Reviews! Hosts Megan Salinas, Mark Donica, Stacey Shuttleworth, and Katie Cullen cover RWBY Volume 6 Episode 11, and it is intense! In this corner, we have Cordovin in her giant mech, with teams RWBY, JNR, et al facing her down in a desperate attempt to get the relic to Atlas; in the opposing corner, we have Blake and Yang’s showdown with perennial stalker Adam Taurus, who finally finds the time to take off his blindfold and reveal his backstory to the audience. Yikes. It’s wild action and high and heady emotion in the third to the last episode of the season!

PANEL – Mark Donica – @MarkBDonica

Katie Cullen – @Kiaxet

Megan Salinas – @TheMenguin

Stacey Shuttleworth – @StaceyShuttles

Patrick Dees – @PToTheDees

Special guest: Samantha Ireland