RWBY Vol. 6 Episode 1 Reaction and Review – Rooster Teeth Reviews

We’re back! All aboard the HYPE train, because RWBY Vol 6 is rolling in at last! The Rooster Team takes a look at the first Chapter of this Volume. Hosts Megan Salinas, Mark Donica, Stacey Shuttleworth, & Katie Cullen discuss the team getting back together, Ozpin’s very liberal relationship with the truth, Blake’s character arc, and the team’s Grimm Kill Of The Week! All this and more on this week’s show!

PANEL – Mark Donica – @MarkBDonica

Katie Cullen – @Kiaxet

Megan Salinas – @TheMenguin

Stacey Shuttleworth – @StaceyShuttles

Patrick Dees – @PToTheDees

Special guest: Samantha Ireland