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AFTERBUZZ TV – RuPaul’s Drag Race edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. In this show, host Kenny Harrison breaks down the season 4 episode “Snatch Game” in which, for the mini-challenge, the contestants participate in a game called “Beat the Cock” (a pun on the game show Beat the Clock). Three contestants compete against one another in three preliminary rounds that lead up to a “cocktacular finale.” The winner of the challenge is promised a call home. Each round features some form of innuendo, with chicken entendres and physical dexterity: “Cock-a-Doodle-Ru” (won by Phi Phi), “Pluck-a-Duck” (won by DiDa), and “Choke the Rooster” (won by Milan). The final round of Beat the Cock pits Phi Phi, DiDa, and Milan in “Lay An Egg,” where each queen navigates a wig-head obstacle course while tucking raw eggs between their thighs. Phi Phi succeeds in winning Beat the Cock, though she gives her prize (a call home) to Chad Michaels (who would be celebrating an eight-year anniversary with his boyfriend were he not on the show). The main challenge is revealed to be this season’s installment of “Snatch Game” (imitating the name and format of Match Game): a comedic game show in which the episodes’ celebrity guest judges star as contestants and the queens impersonate female celebrities of their own choosing. Jiggly, Phi Phi, and Kenya are openly critiqued by Latrice for their “unprofessional” behavior during the Snatch Game. She scolds them for interrupting RuPaul and the tone of their performances; described (on Untucked) by Sharon as “nutty” and “way over the top” by Jiggly. On the runway, Chad Michaels is praised for his giraffe-print outfit and his impersonation of Cher, which is his claim to fame as a drag performer. Though Willam and Sharon also have exceptional performances, Chad is named the winner of the challenge. Phi Phi, Kenya, and Milan are singled out for their poor impersonations of the celebrities they were trying to imitate. Milan also receives criticism for wearing a tuxedo (à la Janelle Monáe) as a man in a drag competition (Michelle Visage calling her a “drag king”). Ultimately, Kenya and Milan are in the bottom two and both provide energetic renditions of the song, even death-dropping at the same time! Milan’s homage to voguing makes him safe and sends Kenya home. Guest judges include Loretta Devine and comedian Ross Mathews. There to help Kenny are co-hosts Natalie Vratney, DJ Jesse Janedy, Courtney Stewart, Mykee Wattz, Cameron Marston, and Jacque Borowski. It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race’s “Snatch Game” podcast.

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