RuPaul’s Drag Race S:4 | Frock the Vote! E:9 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – RuPaul’s Drag Race edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. In this show, host Kenny Harrison breaks down the season 4 episode “Frock the Vote!” in which the top five girls return to the work room, and RuPaul brings them their next mini challenge: create fashionable footwear out of clear platform heels using an Absolut cocktail as inspiration. Phi Phi wins the mini challenge, and Ru then presents them with their main challenge. The girls will be campaigning for the Drag Queen Presidency, and must put together a presentation for a round table political debate. For their runaway, the queens needed dress their best for the president’s inaugural ball. For the main challenge debate, Chad decided to take an unorthodox approach and portray an irreverent and unlikely candidate, sporting two pink afros and have no serious answers to questions. DiDa, visibly troubled with the challenge due to her aversion to politics, did not portray any specific character. Phi Phi channeled a naive country republican type character who would ramble and make off color remarks towards the other candidates. Sharon took the challenge seriously, dressing the part of a strong female business woman and answered the panels questioning with sincerity and a touch of Sharon’s distinct humor. Latrice personified a strong independent female candidate and had serious answers for most of her questions. During the judges’ critiques, Chad was praised by the panel for her dedication to her character and her runway dress, which Santino commented that she was only one who looked she was attending an inauguration. Michelle, however, criticized her again for portraying a character and not herself. DiDa was read for stumbling through her answers, and also for never delivering a full package on the runway (would nail hair, makeup, or outfit, but fall short otherwise). Phi Phi’s character received mixed reviews, some judges found her entertaining, but for the most part she was deemed as off putting and offensive and relied too heavily on props. Sharon received all around praise for her approach to the challenge as well as her “future drag gown” made from pantyhose. The judges felt Latrice started strong but missed many opportunities and didn’t utlize her time well. She also made a few fashion mistakes that Michelle Visage felt that the top 5 queens should not be making. After deliberation, Sharon was declared the winner of the challenge, while Chad and Phi Phi were safe, leaving DiDa and Latrice in the bottom two. Both queens delivered high energy performances during the lip synch, but it was Latrice’s soul filled interpretation that won out, granting her another week in the competition, while DiDa Ritz sashayed away. Before the remaining queens could celebrate. Ru announced her latest twist in the competition: One of the eliminated queens will be returning to the competition next week. Sex-advice columnist Dan Savage and Absolut vodka spokesman Jeffrey Moran are the guest judges. There to help Kenny are co-hosts Courtney Stewart, Cameron Marston, and Jacque Borowski. It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race’s “Frock the Vote!” podcast.

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