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AFTERBUZZ TV – RuPaul’s Drag Race edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. In this show, host Kenny Harrison breaks down the “RuPaul Hairextravaganza” episode in which For this week’s mini challenge, the remaining contestants were asked to create a fashion-forward, beach themed headpiece, with Raja being declared the winner. After this, RuPaul reveals the main challenge: Participate in a hair-themed fashion show with three distinct looks: 1) A classic look from another era 2) A modern red carpet look 3) A fantasy hair outfit, which must be made entirely out of wigs. During the episode, all of the contestants agreed that this was the hardest challenge so far. In the workroom, the contestants complained that Yara’s rowdy behavior was distracting, but they all agreed that she would do well in the challenge because hair is her specialty as a drag performer. On the runway, Raja, Yara, and Manila receive mostly positive critiques (although Santino disliked Manila’s red carpet look), while Alexis and Shangela’s outfits are considered subpar. Michelle said that Alexis’s 1940’s inspired look had no resemblance to the actual ’40’s, and her red carpet look seemed like she “was wearing the red carpet.” However, her hair outfit receives mostly positive reviews. Shangela’s flamenco-inspired look was deemed ill-fitting by Fantasia, and Michelle pointed out that the look was more a look from another region than another era. Meanwhile, her modern red-carpet look was deemed neither modern or worthy of a red carpet. Yara wins the challenge for her three daring and inspired looks, while Raja and Manila are declared safe, leaving Alexis and Shangela in the bottom two. During the lip sync, Shangela attempts to recreate the energy of her past lip syncs, but she is outshone by Alexis, who’s soulful rendition of the song is described by Manila as “timeless and beautiful.” Shangela sashays away, and the remaining queens believe that they have made it to the top four, but RuPaul reveals that one of the queens eliminated during this season will be brought back in the next episode. There to help Kenny are co-hosts Courtney Stewart, Cameron Marston, Christina Beaty, and DJ Jesse Janedy. It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race “Make Dat Money” episode.

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