RuPaul’s Drag Race S12 E11 Recap & After Show: Return of the Puppets

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They’ll lip sync for their lives, and we’ll decide if they’re worthy of staying, or Sashaying away! On the AFTERBUZZ RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE AFTER SHOW, we’ll be covering every battle, every challenge, and every bit of tea coming out of the Drag world. We’ll be bringing in guest Queens from the Drag world to talk about the season, plus having in-depth discussions about every episode. Make sure to tune in for our news and gossip, as well as our local Queen of the week, where we feature more local talent.

Special guest Whoopi Goldberg joins the episode for a comedy challenge and a Color Purple themed-runway. But first, the queens participate in the epic return of the puppet mini-challenge! Jackie Cox, the reigning champion of mini-challenges, wins and gets to pick the order for the main comedy challenge. Jackie opts to go first but no one wants to go last and a debate ensues. Whoopi helps the queens to sharpen their comedy skills in rehearsals. Jackie opens with a bang and Jaida closes with a whimper, right after a long set from Sherry Pie. However, it’s Crystal’s week to shine as Phenomenal Phil, an exotic male dancer with some hilarious moves. An epic lip sync to Prince’s “1999” closes out the night with a fan-favorite queen going home.

  • Today’s show was hosted by Jacque Borowski, Oliver Drennan, Jayla Roxx, and Mark J. Freeman

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