Running Away To Be Truly Free – S1 E8 ‘Little America’ Recap & Review

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Apple TV’s series featuring wholesome moments of immigrants from the US is just what we need right now, and hopefully what you need is a podcast discussing it! On the LITTLE AMERICA AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re round tabling every episode and talking about our favorite moments, what worked and didn’t, and highlighting the series! Subscribe and comment to join the conversation!

Episode Recap

Rafiq is a gay man living in Iran. He is subjected to abuse from his father because of his sexual identity. Being gay is breaking the law in his country, so he flees to Damascus. He meets friends and starts to build a community but because of fear and more Violene, has to flee again. He finds himself in Jordan with a dream of going to America thanks to advice from a friend.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Kay Montgomeru (@HostKAy) Benjamin Schnau (@BenjaminSchnau)

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