Run S1 E7 Recap & After Show: Finale Ran Out of Steam?

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An HBO Dark Comedy Thriller?

We’re in.

If you made a pact with your friend from 17 years ago that if they texted you “RUN” you’d both drop everything and go; would you still do it?

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It’s the finale of RUN and Billy and Ruby finally ran their way to LOS ANGELES! Yet, before they get there Billy tells Ruby that he wants her to “always miss him,” and Ruby follows up with telling him she’s going to leave Laurence for him…

Then we have Laurel and Babe and their new found relationship. Babe is wrestling with the fact that she is still trying to crack this case, but things are heating up between she and Laurel.
Ruby finds the video that Billy made of why he sent run. She’s very upset, but has little words for him. They get to LA and Ruby leaves with Laurence and her kids, leaving Billy in the dust.
Hosts: Hosts: Sean McHugh, Kelsey Meyer and Na’Dja Welton

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