“Run” Lost In Space Season 2 Episode 5 Review & Recap

Lost in Space makes a triumphant return to Netflix and we’re here to break it all down! Join us to break down all the episodes here on THE LOST IN SPACE AFTER SHOW!
In episode 5 “Run”, the show opens with John desperately clinging to the side of the well. A flashback brings us to see Judy as a child and many memories of her and John, as she grows up. John plummets to the bottom of the well and is now faced with the threat of death if Judy can’t reach him in time. With metal eating fungus wreaking havoc on all the equipment on the planet, Judy is forced to run 23k to reach her dad, facing alien animals and hot temperatures the race to reach her dad is under way. Meanwhile, Adler, Will and Maureen are preparing to leave the Resolute and head to the planet in search for the robot. Back on the Resolute Dr Smith has assumed her position as a psychiatrist, successfully tricking all the crew on the ship. Penny, however, wants to know what she is up to and follows her and a trail of clues into the trash compactor with VJ to find any clues of Dr. Smiths sabotage. Many challenges ensue and near death experiences, but in the end John is rescued, Penny is saved by VJ and Adler, Maureen and Will are on the hunt.
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