Roswell, New Mexico S:1 Barely Breathing E:8 Review

Roswell New Mexico drama amped up as Isobel went into the POD?! Alex shows who the real man of the family is and we get some compassion from Michael. Watch Jim @thejimalexander, George @mrgeorgekhouri, and Zuri @zurichellece.

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After a decade away from home, Liz Ortecho returns to her native Roswell to care for her ailing father. When she arrives, she reconnects with her high school crush Max Evans, who is now a police officer. Their chemistry is electric, but Liz soon learns something shocking: Max and his siblings are aliens who have kept their abilities secret their entire lives. As they grow closer, Liz struggles to keep the truth from her best friend Maria, and her high school ex, Dr. Kyle Valenti, but concealing the siblings’ true identities is more important than ever, as a long-standing government conspiracy and the politics of fear and hatred threaten their lives.

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