Rob Celebrates Her Dirty 30 In Total Chaos – S1 E9 & E10 ‘High Fidelity’ Recap & Review

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Imagine the original High Fidelity, but replace the main character with Zoë Kravitz. Now, tell me THAT isn’t something to talk about? And you can hear all about it in the HIGH FIDELITY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST! We’re going to talk all about the new 10 episode Hulu adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel, following Robyn ‘Rob’ Brooks in all of her record store antics. We’re going to be talking all the news and gossip surrounding the show, and make sure to stay tuned for our special segments as we analyze the whole series!

Episode Recap:

Fun Rob is back and it’s time to celebrate her 30th birthday against her will. She ends up at the club with an old friend and ends leaves in no time. She gets a call from her latest ex, Mac. She meets up with him only to reveal that she cheated on him the day that he proposed to her. Hours after he lets her have it, Rob calls him to use his spare key to her house and he actually shows up to let her in. They share a goodbye kiss and it’s time for Rob to move back on to Clyde. She finally just decides to show up at his house to confess her like for him. After an awkward conversation, he tells her there’s a 9% chance that they’ll end up together. She walks off alone confidently and accepting of the small possibility.

This show was hosted by Trina Dong, Kenneth Ware, and Kevin Allen

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