‘Riverdale’ Stars Quarantine Together To Film The Show’s Fifth Season

Pandemic Productions are under way as ‘Riverdale’ gears up quarantine style Filmmaking

The fifth season of Riverdale is officially on the way! However, this season is going to be very different than any season before it. With COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures still being a top priority Riverdale is being filmed in a completely new way. Following a virtual table read, the cast is required to pack their bags and head to Vancouver, Canada to film.

The fourth season of the highly popular teen drama was cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Fans posted on social media their concerns about the new season and where the storyline ended but the cast was quick to respond. They wanted to let the fans know that the storylines from the previous season will be resolved.

“We’re taking the first few episodes to finish season 4,” said star Lili Reinhart [Betty Cooper].

Among these unfinished storylines is the Prom episode and the impending graduation of the main characters. After season four there will be a seven year time jump, which will take our favorite teens to the trials of adulthood. Don’t worry though! Just because the gang’s all grown up doesn’t mean anyone’s leaving Riverdale anytime soon. Every member of the original cast will take part in season five.

However, while the show remains in production from September 14th, 2020 to May 1st, 2021 the cast must quarantine together! Family and friends cannot visit and the cast is not allowed to return to the United States until filming concludes. Despite these setbacks we’re lucky that the cast is already so close!

Upon arriving in Vancouver we’re already getting adorable videos and pictures of our favorite Riverdale High alums hanging out. Notorious best buddies KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse recently shared a video of Cole dancing next to a faulty elevator.

It’s good that the cast can keep their signature good humor during these difficult times. As for the actual day by day filming process the cast and crew has to complete their mandatory fourteen day quarantine before the cameras can roll on season five.

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