Rising Star, Lex Mayson, Talks New Role In ‘Joe vs. Carole’!

Lex Mayson is taking Hollywood by storm. They are talking all about their new role on Joe vs. Carole, plus what Joe Exoctic thinks of the series. 

It’s no secret Rising star Lex Mayson is taking Hollywood by storm. The talented actor has starred in many series such as Open Ethnicity and Batwoman.

Now they can add another project to their evergrowing resume, this time playing Saff on the hit Peacock show Joe vs. Carole.

Lex talked with Benny Adams on Let’s Binge About it, where they discussed what drew them to the role of Saff, and what Joe Exotic himself had to say about the series.

Joe vs. Carole is based on the 2020 Wondery Podcast Joe Exotic: Tiger King, and follows the rivalry between Joe Exotic (John Cameron Mitchell) and Carole Baskin (Kate McKinnon).

Mayson plays Saff, a manager at Joe Exotic’s Zoo, and says they were instantly drawn to the role.


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“When I watched Tiger King Saff was my favorite because he was a person of color. It took two or three weeks after my audition when I found out I got the part, and I was so excited.” Said Mayson

Unfortunately, Lex couldn’t meet the real Saff but they found other ways to prepare for their role.

“I wish I could have met Saff because that would have been cool. I trolled YouTube for any videos of him at all to try and get his voice and mannerisms down, and just trying to get that chilled out vibe.” Explained Mayson

Along with Kate McKinnon, the limited series also stars John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic. Who Mayson says was an absolute joy to be around.

“John is super cool to work with, he’s so good at what he does. He looks just like Joe and sounds just like Joe… It was just amazing to work with everyone on the cast.” Said Mayson

Speaking of Joe Exotic, it seems he wasn’t too fond of his character in the series and how he was portrayed.

“He posted something on Instagram about John making him look too queer, and I‘m like you are queer what do you mean?”

Joe vs. Carole is just the beginning for Mayson because they have more projects in the works that will be coming soon.

All episodes of Joe vs. Carole can be streamed on Peacock right now. Check out the full interview with Mayson below.

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