Rick & Morty S4 E8 Recap & After Show: Rick teaches a lesson that needed to be taught.

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Two guys talking about Rick and Morty. The references, the deep cuts, the meeseeks, and the Mr P.B. Hole. Starting with season 4, we’re gonna talk about a lot of stuff. Is this a Sliders review show? It could be. But it’s not. But why wouldn’t it be. (It’s not though.) But we’ll talk multiverse theory and try to figure out what the lesson of the day is (There usually isn’t one). Join the AFTERBUZZ TV RICK AND MORTY AFTER SHOW PODCAST to chat and enjoy commentary each week! Let us know what you think!

Rick has a plan for he and Morty to jump in a vat of acid, in order secure some high value stones. Morty protests this plan but goes with it anyway. When the plan doesn’t work out, Morty antagonizes Rick. The antagonization turns into manipulation when Morty doubt’s the ability of Rick to create a device, that allows Morty to create a save point in his life and restart his life, whenever he desires. Rick creates the device and gives it to Morty. Rick offers to explain in full detail, how the device works but Morty is more interested in playing with his new toy. Morty enjoys restarting his life from his save point, and meets his dream girlfriend in the process. The two go through falling in love, out of love, and back in love again. The decide to go on a trip, the plane crashes, and Morty loses his life save point device in the process. Morty, his girlfriend, and survivors of the crash, survive by resorting to cannibalism until they are saved by a search party. Upon being saved and recovering together, Jerry presses a button on Morty’s life save point device and sends Morty back to the point before, Morty and his girlfriend met. Morty tries to gain his girlfriend back but it doesn’t work out this time. Rick then shows up, and explains that the device doesn’t create a save point and allows you to restart but, it send you to the same moment, in a another reality. Then reason why Rick did this was to teach Morty a lesson about the value of living in the moment, about his stance staying the same on time travel, and to never forget that Rick can do anything.
This episode was hosted by Cody Epperson, Nate Miller, and Rob Styles

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