Rick & Morty S4 E7 Recap & After Show: Glorzo is Peace, and Beekeeping is HOT

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Two guys talking about Rick and Morty. The references, the deep cuts, the meeseeks, and the Mr P.B. Hole. Starting with season 4, we’re gonna talk about a lot of stuff. Is this a Sliders review show? It could be. But it’s not. But why wouldn’t it be. (It’s not though.) But we’ll talk multiverse theory and try to figure out what the lesson of the day is (There usually isn’t one). Join the AFTERBUZZ TV RICK AND MORTY AFTER SHOW PODCAST to chat and enjoy commentary each week! Let us know what you think!

Glorzo is peace, please spread the word of Glorzo!
Rick and Morty are mind wiped yet again, but saved from and incestuous eloping by pure stalagmite happenstance. That’s how we begin our latest episode of Rick and Morty, season 4 Episode 7.
Though originally facehuggers are known as a terrifying trope from the Alien franchise, later ‘introduced’ in Prometheus (or in this case Promortyus), in this episode we learn that Aliens can come in all shapes and sizes… and from all genetic background of reproduction. It’s not every day you kill yourself by shitting an egg to reproduce; no. It’s every about 27 minutes. Until of course, Summer is introduced. As it seems while Rick and Morty were inducted into Alien chest-bursting trope hall of fame, Summer with her toothpick wielding luck of the Irish saves her from Glorzo death-reproduction; and leads her into her own revolution of Glorzo. Because why blow your host body up and kill yourself reproducing after 27 minutes of life, when you could, well, not do that.
Of course we don’t know this originally, but Rick and Morty’s escapades through the Glorzo society leads them to learning that Morty has been a highly influential Glorzo (Steve) who’s technological plans include spreading the peace of Glorzo to the outer reaches with a missile created from Rick-ship tech; while Rick’s Glorzo (Bruce) is of the alt-Glorzo political affiliation that believes host-bodies are anatomically prepared to shit themselves to death through reproduction. Althrough Glorzo is peace, Rick and Morty are certainly not; leading to a massacre of the Glorzo society and metropolis. However, not the twin towers as 9-11 is still off-limits- but Pearl harbor is fair game. Unfortunately, they forgot summer, which lead them back to the planet they just destroyed (which is awkward to say the least, as this is why they never revisit the same adventure twice – another example is with Cronenberg world) – However through Megaman suits, over-exaggerated costume changes; a pornhub account and a tired wrist; they manage to save Summer through her completely original plan of sentencing Rick and Morty to death through sitting in their car.
Meanwhile, Jerry is tending Bees; and Summer’s friend wants to have sex with him.

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