‘RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

From Hair Pulling To Off Camera Feelings, We’re Breaking Down One Of The Most Explosive Housewives Episodes Ever!

This…Episode…Was…EPIC!! So many things happened, it’s hard for me to sum it all up but as I always say, let’s get into it!

Episode 8 ended off with a cliffhanger at the winery. We knew the fight was coming but oh my goodness, did anyone expect for it to be that crazy?!

We start off seeing the episode pick up from Monique and Candiace arguing about their friendship. While arguing, Candaice and Monique get in each other’s faces and Monique starts flipping Candiace’s hair.

From there…everything broke loose! Drinks, glasses and food were all over the floor and Monique refused to let go of Candiace’s hair. They were eventually separated and production put Candiace in a car and Monique in another room. That is until Monique came out and tried to run and find Candiace!!

The fight was intense and once they explained the story to their husbands, they were not happy. The husbands get along so this kind of puts them in a weird position.

Another big moment was when Karen and Ray sit down with someone to help talk out the issues they’ve been having in their marriage. We’ve seen them in a bit of a slump during this season and things get emotional when the lady helping them asked Ray if he was in love with Karen. He responded that he thinks so and naturally that was upsetting for Karen. I hope that they work everything out and get back to their happy place soon.

Towards the end of the episode, a moment that caught me by surprise was Gizelle’s dad’s feelings about Jamal. Gizelle shared with her dad that she and Jamal were trying to work things out and rekindle their romance. She and her dad are close so when he said that he just wanted her to be happy, she was so glad.

Fast forward to her daughter’s restaurant opening, he excuses himself from the table that he was sitting at with Gizelle and Jamal. As he walked out, he didn’t realize his mic was still on and he said that he thinks she’s making a mistake and shared his feelings towards Jamal. I wonder if we’re going to see more of this play out in future episodes?!?

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