‘RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 8 Breakdown

A lot went down during Sunday nights episode of Real Housewives of Potomac and we’re recapping everything!

Sunday night’s episode was pretty pre-explosive! The episode set up for the explosive moment that we will see next week…the fight!! Let’s get into it!

Last week, the episode ended with more allegations coming out about Ashley’s husband Michael so when Sunday’s episode picked up from there. They arrived at a restaurant to talk and Ashley said in her confessional that she and Michael started the conversation at home but it got heated and they decided to go to a public place since they didn’t want to argue around the baby.

Ashley said that Michael told her his side of the story and that the allegations were true but that he did not sleep with the lady who posted them, claiming he was just drunk and fell asleep. She believed him but told him that if that ever happened again, she would leave him.

Another scene picks up with Monique taking a walk with her husband Chris and their youngest baby. She starts talking to him about her new venture called “Not For Lazy Moms.” She explains how she had an event she was planning and has spent a lot of money on this venture but out of 300 tickets available, only 20 were sold so far. Monique got a little upset with Chris when he told her that she may need to pull back or shut it down.

Monique then talked about her friendship with Candiace and how she’s pretty much done with her. She feels like she has poured more into the friendship with Candiace and doesn’t get the same in return. Monique also said that she had Candiace and Karen in the lineup to be speakers for her event but Candiace dropped out. I’m thinking we are going to see how their friendship turns out in future episodes.

The ladies gather at a winery to celebrate Gizelle winning an award. They all have seen the allegations about Michael and have a lot of questions. When Ashley arrived, no one said anything about the allegations at first but when Ashley says she may be pregnant, Gizelle brought up the topic. Ashley didn’t hold back from clearing the air. She gets straight into it and tells the ladies Michael’s story, which makes the ladies burst into questions! Ashley answers them but none of the ladies feel like his story added up nor did they believe his story. They felt like he just confessed because he was caught but they don’t push the subject and let it be.

The episode ends with Candiace and Monique clashing at the winery. O.M.G!! I think this is the first time we’ve seen the Potomac ladies physically fight each other! Ashley asked them if they were good with each other and everything spiraled out of control. They argued over each other about their friendship, Candiace feeling disrespected at Monique’s lake house, and much more. Everyone feels that Monique’s real issue with Candiace is her friendship with Charisse. Monique doesn’t like Charisse and apparently Charisse has spread some rumors about Monique being involved with her trainer.

It looks like we will get to see Monique and Candiace go head to head, but not quite yet. The episode cuts off as they get in each other’s faces. Check back with us next week to know what happens! We’ll be tuned in!

The Real Housewives Of Potomac airs every Sunday at 9pm.

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