‘RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 16 Recap

Toboggan Rides, Multiple Glasses of Poncha And Some Drama Brewing…We’re Recapping It All!!

After Sunday night’s episode, I predict a new beef and a lot of drama in the Potomac ladies’ future! Let’s get into what happened!

Gizelle Pulls Karen Aside

At this point in the season, we all know Robyn’s ex husband Juan is preparing to propose to her, but in the episode, the other ladies (besides Gizelle and now Ashley) don’t know about his plans.

Karen brings up Juan proposing a couple times since they’ve been on their cast trip to Portugal and though Karen doesn’t officially know Juan’s plans, Gizelle fears that Karen will pry too much and reveal the surprise. Gizelle pulled Karen to the side and didn’t tell Juan’s plans, but asked Karen to stop bringing it up.

Karen got suspicious and took that as Gizelle confirming that Juan was going to propose and pranced away. I actually really love funny moments between Karen and Gizelle, when they are getting along, they’re hilarious together!

Candiace And Ashley

At dinner, Candiace told the ladies that she now wants to have children. Ashley then brought up comments Candiace made in the past about her wanting to have kids and her journey to get there. She said she wants to be there for Candiace but is still not over what she said.

Candiace apologized for her comments and said that she understood that it may take some time for Ashley to get past it.

Scaring Wendy

Now this was my favorite part of the episode! Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley snuck into Wendy’s room while Wendy, Candiace and Karen were at the bar. Candiace was in charge of getting Wendy to think that they were all going up to her room to hangout. When they get to her room, Gizelle, Ashley and Roby hop out of her closet which only slightly scares Wendy.

Wendy thought the prank ended there but nope! When all of the ladies left her room, they went into the hallway where production let them see through their monitor placed in Wendy’s room. Wendy had no idea that they placed fake spiders and snakes under her pillows and blankets. When she went to climb into bed she screamed so loud and ran out of the room where she ran right into the ladies laughing outside! She thought it was hilarious, even though she’s extremely afraid of snakes!

Drama Is Brewing For Candiace And Ashley

Ashley met Robyn and Gizelle by the pool and while they were talking, Ashley revealed that Monique asked her to write a statement for her case with Candiace. She revealed it’s a character statement against Candiace. Robyn and Gizelle don’t think it’s right for her to write one.

They said Ashley didn’t even see the fight (she went to the bathroom) so she shouldn’t be picking a side and Monique shouldn’t have asked her to write a statement. Ashley explained she was doing it as a favor to Monique since they had her back when her husband Michael had a case against them.

Gizelle and Robyn think this is the reason why Ashley brought up the subject about Candiace’s comments, they fell she’s had upset feelings brewing and they came to the surface. This drama is to be continued!!

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