‘RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 15 Recap

The Ladies Head To Portugal And Yes…Drama Was Definitely In Their Carry On season 5 episode 15 of Real Housewives of Potomac.

The cast trip is here and the ladies are headed to Portugal! Every Housewife fan knows, it just wouldn’t be a cast trip without an argument or two right?! So let’s get into Sunday night’s episode!

Karen vs. Gizelle

Karen and Gizelle started with each other pretty early during this episode. During dinner on the first night, Gizelle asked Karen if she talked to Ray which caused Karen to ask about Jamal. Karen said that Jamal is never around and it doesn’t seem like he’s proud of her or wants to be around. Gizelle basically said him not being around the ladies doesn’t define their relationship and Karen felt that she deserved better.

As the two go back and forth, Robyn jumps in and sort of agrees with Karen. She said if Gizelle is happy, why wouldn’t she want to share that with their group of friends, especially since everyone else in the group does. Considering that Gizelle and Robyn are besties, I think we were all shocked, although you could tell she didn’t mean it in a mean way. Gizelle wanted Robyn to have her back and the two of them talked it out after the dinner.

Ashley & Michael

When Ashley left for the trip, she and Michael had an agreement that her friend Eve would watch baby Dean in the day while Michael is working and then he’d come home to put him to bed. Ashley called Michael in the evening to see Dean and he wouldn’t answer. She then called Eve who said Michael hadn’t been home and Dean was sleepy.

Ashley got frustrated and when Michael answered, she was upset. He said he was in a meeting and as Ashley got frustrated with Michael, he then got frustrated with her and hung up the phone. Later he called back to apologize and they worked it out. Ashley said she was really missing Dean.

Wendy vs. Karen

Wendy and Karen continued to go back and forth about Wendy’s degrees and how she didn’t like Karen’s comments. They sort of got into it at dinner but the next day at one of the excursions, the subject came up and Karen apologized for offending Karen. I hope the two work it out completely because they could probably be good friends!

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