‘RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 14 Recap

“Slither” into the recap for season 5 episode 14 of The Real Housewives of Potomac

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Posted On: November 2nd, 2020 10:28 pm pst

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So much always happens during the Real Housewives Of Potomac episodes, like how we all learned how to “slither” from Karen on Sunday night! I just love watching this franchise every week so let’s get into this episode!

Ashley Goes To Therapy

Since everything that has happened between Ashley and her husband Michael, the two started going to therapy. Ashley got very honest with how she’s been feeling since giving birth to baby Dean. She tells the therapist that she hasn’t been feeling like herself and that she’s felt like she’s been stuck in a fog.

She also expressed how she doesn’t get excited about things like she used to and could definitely use a vacation. After the episode, Ashley shared this post about experiencing postpartum depression and advocating for women who go through it:

Karen, Gizelle And Robyn Go To Tea:

We haven’t seen this trio hangout often so Karen figured something was up! Gizelle said that she wanted to check on Karen and see if she’s been okay because Wendy told her about the night at Monique’s lake house when Karen talked about helping her husband Ray out financially.

Karen was a bit annoyed that Wendy shared that info and told Gizelle and Robyn about the moment when she told Wendy that she was ignorant. She also said that Wendy isn’t a medical doctor and then we were introduced to Karen’s impersonation of Wendy’s “slither.”

I must say, this “slither” was trending for a reason! 

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Wendy vs. Karen

Robyn held a photoshoot for her hat company where she invited the other women to model in her designs. Before everyone arrived, Gizelle and Robyn told Wendy about the comments made by Karen at the tea. 

Fast forward to the end of the photoshoot when all of the ladies were talking, Wendy brought up the comments to Karen and said she was offended and felt like Karen mocked her degrees. Karen made it clear that she did not mock her degrees and in her confessional she said that Gizelle twisted her words and she didn’t like it. Karen told Wendy that instead, she actually impersonated her “slither.” Karen got up to show her and all of the ladies followed. 

I think this is the only way I will be entering a room from now on! Catch the funny moment here:

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More Charges:

At the end of the episode, we see Candiace react to the news that Monique has filed counter charges against her in their ongoing feud over the fight that happened. Monique said in her confessional that it took two people to fight and that she had no choice but to file her own charges. Needless to say, this feud is to be continued.

P.S. It looks like next week starts the cast trip! Ashley announced to the ladies that she was inviting them to Portugal!!! 

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