‘RHOC’ Season 15 Premiere Recap

New loves, new homes, and big revelations packed this episode and we’re breaking everything down!

Season 15 premiered and I can already tell, every returning lady is in a different place in life than they were last season and it’s nice to see them happy! We also get introduced to a new housewife so let’s get into it!

Wednesday night’s premiere was all about new love lives and new homes. Most of the ladies live in the same neighborhood now so we’ll see how that goes! Shannon, Gina and Kelly are all in new relationships and seem to be completely in love. Last season (And for quite a few seasons for Shannon) we saw Shannon and Gina go through some really tough situations with their ex husbands so seeing them so happy was nice.

Next, we get introduced to Elizabeth, the newest housewife to join the franchise. She didn’t meet up with all of the ladies during the premier but we saw that she is friends with Kelly and Braunwyn. She didn’t have a whole lot when she was coming up, but was always hard working and now owns her own company.

She’s separated from her billionaire ex husband and shared that she felt like she had to be arm candy and not her own person. She also has a boyfriend and a deep passion for dog rescue. We saw during the premiere that she was scoping out a property to open up her own rescue.

Midway through the episode, Kelly and Shannon sit down to talk at Braunwyn’s house. For those of you who keep up with OC, you know Kelly fell out with Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki last season. To lighten things up, Kelly brought Shannon a deck of Uno cards as a joke since Shannon is no longer a “Tres Amigas” with Tamra and Vicki but instead a “Una Amiga”.

They went back and forth for a bit with Kelly saying she felt attacked and Shannon saying she felt betrayed but in the end, they both apologized and decided to move forward.

At the end of the episode, we get a shocking revelation from Braunwyn. She invited Emily over to talk and apologized to her because she said she realized Emily was telling her the truth about her drinking and she wasn’t ready to hear it so she pushed her away.

Braunwyn revealed that her drinking got bad, to the point where her husband said if she kept drinking that she was going to rehab. She said she’s taking it day by day and doesn’t plan on drinking again. She ended the episode sharing that she can finally say “My name is Braunwyn and I’m an alcoholic.” After the episode, she shared this post:

Good luck to Braunwyn on her journey! We wish her all the best!

RHOC airs every Wednesday at 9pm.

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