‘RHOC’ Season 15 Episode 8 Breakdown

Things took a turn when Covid 19 hit in the middle of production!

As the ladies continue to film as usual, things start to take a turn when Covid 19 hits the states! Wednesday night’s episode showed the beginning reactions from the cast as well as their new feelings towards Elizabeth and her life. Let’s get into it!

Elizabeth, Her Money & Divorce

At this point in the season, we know Elizabeth is going through a stressful divorce. However, the other women are feeling a way about her bringing up the topic often. They think she is annoyed because she always talks about her divorce but says she can’t talk about it. She says the reason she can’t talk about it is because of an order put in plans that bans her from discussing details.

The other women also feel like her relationship with her boyfriend, Jimmy is unclear, as well as her marriage timeline. They basically tell her she needs to stop talking about her divorce so much, but Elizabeth feels like it’s unfair because she always listens to them and their problems.

Covid-19 Hits The States

Covid-19 hit in the middle of production, changing everyone’s lives. All of the ladies are unsure of what to do as far as food, toilet paper, and childcare. Some of the women are unsure of the severity, but Shannon completely freaks out.

She’s immunocompromised because of a lung condition she has so she started piling up on essentials, calling all of the ladies and warning her daughters that they need to stay put as much as possible.

Braunwyn & Sean Clash

As everyone is grasping what to do as the world starts to shut down, Braunwyn and her husband Sean try to console their daughter, who has anxiety and OCD. Braunwyn herself said that she was very scared of a shutdown because she was 43 days sober and was scared that she’d have a hard time keeping herself from drinking.

Sean is a very optimistic person and tried to share his optimism with them, which caused Braunwyn to snap at him. She said he had been doing it for the last few days, and it was getting annoying.

There’s still a lot to come for the women of OC! New episodes air every Wednesday night at 9 pm.

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