‘RHOC’ Season 15 Episode 5 Recap

A quick recap of some of the biggest moments from Wednesday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County!

We’re back with another weekly episode recap from the Real Housewives Of Orange County! Let’s get into it!

Elizabeth’s Sister

This is Elizabeth’s first season and so far, she’s been pretty open about her life and her family. She is super close with her family, who have been visiting her, their so close that her nieces are like her children.

During a scene with her family, Elizabeth stepped outside with her mom to discuss her sister. They talked about how her sister has been on drugs for many years and they want to see her well. Elizabeth got emotional talking about wanting her niece to be okay and how much she misses her.

Gina Talks Matt

Last season, we saw Gina go through a lot with her divorce from her now ex husband Matt. During the reunion, Andy brought up a domestic violence incident that happened between them that wasn’t on the show.

Fast forward to Wednesday night’s episode, Gina and Matt are both in new relationships and have been co-parenting well but she still has the domestic violence case to deal with and it’s been taking a toll on her. Since she and Matt have been doing well with co-parenting, she fears that he will get in a lot of trouble with the case and possibly have to be away for a while and she doesn’t want her kids to be hurt.

They all got together for her daughter’s birthday party and everyone seemed to get along well.

Gina And Braunwyn Make Up

Gina and Braunwyn went to AA together and then went to get coffee. In her confessional, Gina said Braunwyn was asked to start the meeting up, during which she made a speech talking about her anger and apologized to her. Gina said it was really heartfelt.

At coffee, they both apologized to each other and hugged it out. Braunwyn said Gina could come to her vowel renewal and Gina said she’ll be a safe space for Braunwyn there and won’t drink.

The Real Housewives Of Orange County airs every Wednesday at 9pm.

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