RHOBH Episode 16 The Season Finale

Erika Jayne leaves her husband Tom for New York City to live her dream on Broadway and Lisa Rinna gives us a sneak peak on the reunion happening next week! This is the RHOBH season finale recap.

We’re finally at the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and honestly I feel like this season went by so quick! But before we reminisce at the reunion, we need to finish one more episode. Tonight we finally see Dorit’s new house and we get to see Erika live out her Broadway dreams!

But first, let’s see what the ladies have been up to in the twitter verse.

Teddi Mellencamp also has a new pad as of last week, and of course Kyle’s husband and daughter are listing her old home.

Erika gives a rare interview with Bravo on what it’s like to leave her husband while chasing her dreams in New York City.

Teddi also appeared on Kate Casey’s podcast this week where she talked about her relationship with Brandi, moving to her new place and more.

Erika poked some fun at herself with a clip from an old episode

And the biggest news of the week…. Garcelle will be joining The Real!

Ok now that you’re filled in. Let’s get started. Here are the five biggest moments from this week’s episode!

While not a top moment from tonight’s show, specific days are mentioned SO YOU KNOW something is gonna go down:

Caught Between A Rock and a Hard Place: Thursday, Dorit is decorating her house with Christmas decorations for a Christmas house preview. During that time she talks about the ladies needing to bury the hatchet and shows her relationship in the past with Lisa and compares that to Denise. She then sits with PK to discuss this dilemma she’s in with Brandi and Denise. PK doesn’t let Dorit finish… dejavu with Kyle? Dorit wants Denise to say her side of the story with the ladies. He then suggests for her to stay out of it.
Party like it’s 2019: Saturday, Dorit does a walkthrough of the house. We finally see people arrive and Lisa is the first. PK unveils the couple’s new non-alcoholic wine. Teddi arrives and loves that she can finally have a drink with the group.

Kyle makes it with her husband and BFF Faye. Past housewife Adrienne shows up and Sutton arrives very quick after.

Garcelle arrives in front of Denise’s hotel to pick her up and tries calling. She’s sent straight to voicemail. We also see a glimpse of Garcelle’s new relationship. Garcelle tries again multiple times but still no answer. In fact, straight to voicemail.

Go back to Garcelle who is still waiting. Garcelle finally decides to leave without Denise but she’s a little annoyed (rightfully so) and tells the ladies upon arrival.

Lisa thinks it’s weird Denise didn’t show up after they had a conversation earlier during the day and she said she was coming. Teddi and Kyle say they aren’t surprised but Lisa and Dorit are very nervous about it. Dorit feels like Denise shouldn’t have a problem facing people after last year. Garcelle feels a little hurt about Denise flaking out. Dorit reveals Camille called the night before and says Denise was at her house talking about the ladies. Garcelle spots Brandi from afar and Dorit feels like Kyle set this up. She did arrive with Kim who Dorit knew was coming with a plus one. Sutton pulls Brandi to the side and tells her she needs to work it out with Denise. They go to the same skincare specialist and they’ve known each other for a while now. Sutton tells her “maybe you can learn one day to not say stuff out loud.” Dorit tells Brandi she’s shocked that Denise didn’t come but Brandi reveals she texted her before arriving at the party. She sends a text saying “I’m going to see you tonight.”

Brandi also says they talked back and forth via text with the ladies. Garcelle basically says she doesn’t want to see the texts back and forth and wants to only believe Denise.

15 minutes later, producers tell Garcelle Denise had a family emergency and wasn’t coming.

What’s Going On? On Monday, Lisa Rinna meets with Garcelle and Dorit to talk about the aftermath of the party. Dorit gets a message from her the following day saying “Sorry I couldn’t come, talk soon.” Denise told Garcelle “…I didn’t want you to lie…” Garcelle said Denise wanted to get together but fell through on those plans again. Dorit feels confused over what to believe since it seems like Denise is flaking on everyone. Garcelle feels like she’s proven to her she’s on her side. Garcelle finally says the line, “looks like you’re the bad guy in this movie” to Lisa
Denise posts a picture post-op from surgery the day after Dorit’s party. Lisa believes it was a setup so it looks like sympathy and gives the excuse why she didn’t come.

The Heat is On: Denise sends Cease and Desist letters to the cast and crew in January.

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By this point Denise has stopped filming with the cast. Daily Mail finally broke their story saying Denise was involved with Brandi to the world. Two weeks later, Denise stops at Lisa’s house to talk to her one-on-one about everything that’s gone on.

Denise asks Lisa if she knew Brandi was going to be at Dorit’s house. Lisa asks her if she really had a family emergency and she confesses. Lisa calls out Denise on what’s going on and how she’s handling the situation at hand. Lisa confesses she doesn’t know what to believe about Denise.

Denise basically threatens to put everyone on blast in her confessional. Denise didn’t feel like she should engage with the rumor. Lisa calls her out on her cease and desist and says she didn’t want the footage to be shown. “Oh you’re so angry.”

Denise says she’s trying to teach her kids about holding their head up high and how to deal with people talking bad about you. “This too shall pass.”

Lisa doesn’t change her point of view and puts the two at a dead end in their relationship.

Broadway Bound: Kyle, Teddi, Sutton and Lisa all board a private plane to visit Erika in NYC.

Dorit is meeting the girls separately and doesn’t seem like Garcelle is going. Erika meets the ladies in Time Square and looks at her billboards. https://twitter.com/lisarinna/status/1298807821237026817?s=20

At the end of the show, we see the updates from the ladies. Like what happened to Garcelle’s relationship, Teddi’s birth, Erika’s Broadway run and more.

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