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AFTERBUZZ TV – Revenge edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Revenge. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the “Victory” episode in which Padma returns, and shows Nolan the Initiative’s newest threat to get her to deliver the super program Carrion. Emily continues to try and reconnect with Jack. After receiving advice from Aiden, Nolan makes arrangements for Padma to go on her way to keep her safe after she delivers Carrion, and promises her that they will reconnect once the Initiative has been shut down. She and Eli return to their former foster home to try and find some of “Amanda’s” old belongings, but they are told her things were lost in the fire Amanda started while living there waiting to be adopted. The audience discovers that Eli is working both sides, and gave their former foster mother a head’s up so that they could try to get more money out of Emily. While at the house, Emily finds the cellar she and Eli used to be locked in as children. Their foster mother, Meredith, comes with them back to the Graysons to meet with Victoria. Meredith is to receive checks from the charity to help foster children in her home. Aiden and Nolan set up a sniper surveillance while Padma meets with the Initiative to deliver Carrion. Something goes wrong, and they lose radio contact with Padma as the Initiative takes her to her father. Jack continues to try and find out what really happened on the Amanda’s last voyage from one of the Ryans, who tells him that there are recorded conversations with Conrad. At the presentation of the Amanda Clarke Foundation’s check to Meredith Hayward and Hayward House, Eli tells the truth about his experience living there. Enraged and humiliated, Meredith reveals that he was really the one that set the fire that Amanda was blamed for. Victoria immediately fires Eli as foundation co-chair and tells him he is not welcome in her home. Emily confronts him about the fire, and he says it’s true but he only did it to get her in trouble so that they could stay together. Aiden and Nolan follow the locater on Padma, only to discover the tracking device left in an empty building. Jack accepts an offer from Conrad to help bring in the Average Joe votes for his campaign. Nolan attempts to track down Padma’s whereabouts, but discovers the signature of super hacker Falcon in the incryption and realizes he might be locked out. Eli brings an apology from Meredith to Emily, and Emily discovers that the letters her father sent her were sold to the man who wrote a book about her father. Emily visits him in prison, and discovers that Victoria has another son that was put into foster care. There to help Phil are co-hosts Anna Koppel and Roxy Striar. It’s Revenge’s “Victory” podcast!

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