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AFTERBUZZ TV – Revenge edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Revenge. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the episode in which Mason digs for more information but thinks Emily and Amanda are or were lovers. Amanda agrees to explain everything to Mason but when she has him alone she tries to kill him. Emily got there and stopped her just in time. Emily reveals the truth that they are acting like the other one. She then enlists him in stopping her mother from doing anything crazy. Mason tells her mother the truth about the Grayson’s as Emily begs him to stop, saying her mother can’t mentally handle that information. He tells Emily he’s doing it for penance but it kind of seems like he’s doing it for the reaction that will follow. Nolan gives Aiden proof of David Clark’s original investment knowing that Grayson Global would then be entitled to about 49% of his company with that information. He does so to help Emily, who he referred to as his “only family.” Emily has now turned to framing Gordon’s death on Mason. The police show up to his house when he isn’t there. Nolan’s already been there and changed the suspect list around and possibly planted some evidence. Kara (the real Amanda’s mother) holds Conrad and Victoria at gunpoint in their rooms. She has already disabled many security cameras and has them blindfold themselves. Right before she is seemingly about to shoot them, Aiden grabs her with a chloroform rag and drags her out of the house. Aiden (posing as a federal agent) and Emily give Kara medication, money and a car. They tell her to leave. There to help Phil are co-hosts Anna Koppel and Gabrielle Loren. It’s Revenge’s “Penance” podcast!

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