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AFTERBUZZ TV – Revenge edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Revenge. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the Collusion episode in which Emily is realizing how much she misses Aiden being around ever since they “broke up” so she could rekindle her relationship with Daniel. Victoria has likewise flown to L.A. to try to circumvent Daniel from successfully acquiring Stonehaven and push his competitor toward victory. Padma refers to something she couldn’t have known without spying, and Nolan finally suspects she is up to no good. He gets confirmation and then decides to play her based on Emily’s advice. Jack gets the confession from his father’s friend of the murder of the Ryan brother’s father on hidden tape. Conrad offers that proof and $50,000 to the Ryan brothers to sell their share in the bar to Conrad. Daniel has Emily accompany him to Los Angeles to help purchase Stonehaven United. Victoria wants Emily to stop Daniel. Victoria doesn’t want him buying Stonehaven United. Helen continues to manipulate Aiden by telling him they have his sister Colleen, showing a video as proof she’s alive. Helen tells Aiden that she believes he was involved in her and his abduction. Aiden is to kill Victoria to prove his alliance to Helen. Aiden tells Emily he is just supposed to stop Victoria from stopping Stonehaven’s purchase. Emily accomplishes this but then discovers Aiden’s plan to kill Victoria, stopping him just in time telling him her death might cause Daniel to rebel against Helen. Charlotte reveals to her family that she’s changing her last name from Charlotte Grayson to Charlotte Clark. Emily decides to come clean to Daniel, she admits that Victoria asked her to get close to Daniel again. Daniel surprises her by saying he already figured that Victoria had meddled. Nate Ryan convinces Conrad to listen to his plan on strong-arming the local business owners out so they could develop the piers into a thriving location. By creating these jobs it could have a positive effect on Conrad’s image and wallet. Aiden shows up at Emily’s house and shows her a video of his sister seemingly being killed by an overdose. He becomes very angry at Emily, blaming her for stopping him from killing Victoria. There to help Phil are co-hosts Katherine Tulich and Anna Koppel. It’s Revenge’s “Collusion” podcast!

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