Revell Carpenter Talks Soon to be Released Films, Including a Suspenseful Lifetime Movie That Will Get You Hooked!

Revell Carpenter is taking Hollywood by storm and is easily becoming the woman to look out for in the entertainment Industry. She talks with host Benny Adams about her upcoming films coming out this year!

Revell Carpenter has several films that will be coming out soon, including playing the lead role in a new Lifetime suspense film called What The Nanny Saw expected to premiere in late February or early March.

Benny Adams spoke with Carpenter about her upcoming projects and what she has planned for the future.

Carpenter plays Kimberly in What The Nanny Saw, a business school student who takes a nannying job to help pay tuition. She soon realizes that the husband’s wife is having an affair, but that’s only the beginning of the dark turn of events that happen in this movie.


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“It is such a fun and exciting film with so many twists and turns. You will not see the ending until it hits you in the face. It is a very fun action-packed movie with a lot of suspense.” Explained Carpenter.

When it comes to suspenseful thrillers Revell says she enjoys working on those types of projects especially when it comes to Lifetime movies.


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“Lifetime is very good at creating these stories built around a mother/daughter relationship, but focusing on the heroine that defies all odds. It’s a big physical and emotional growth for these characters which I think is so much fun, plus thrillers are just a blast because you get to do stunts.” Said Carpenter.

The suspenseful nature isn’t the only trait that drew Carpenter to this project, the director of the film also played a big part in Carpenter’s decision to take on the role.

“This movie was directed by Lindsay Hartley who I worked with on Deadly Debutante. She’s just the most amazing director and I wanted to work with her again. On top of that, I studied finance in college and liked the idea of playing someone with a finance background.” Explained Carpenter.


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On top of What The Nanny Saw, Carpenter has finished filming a second film titled Follower which debuts in March. The actor plays an influencer who goes on a hike with two best friends, but later realizes they are being hunted and stalked. The best part, a sequel called Followers will soon start filming.

When it comes to acting there are many celebrities that Carpenter looks up to, but one, in particular, outranks them all.

“Charlize Theron has always been my ultimate icon throughout my entire acting career. She does everything. She does comedy, but she’s also this action star, and she’s done dramas. She can do everything.”

While you’re waiting for all of Carpenter’s projects to come out you can catch her in the film Malicious Motives which will be airing again on Lifetime on February 5th at 7 pm PST.

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