Relaxing Video Games To Help You Unwind!

Stressed after a long day or looking for some self-care “me” time? Check out these video games for a soothing virtual experience.

Stardew Valley

If you love farming games, Stardew Valley is a great farming simulator with a very simple, pixelated style. There is a town of NPCs to befriend here, and you can even get married and raise a family on your farm. Stardew Valley is available on a ton of different gaming platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Windows, and Android. There is even a board game now!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most recent installment of the series, but any of the Animal Crossing games are great for a relaxing play on the Nintendo Switch. Befriend animal villagers, build houses, garden, fish, and craft materials in your very own town to make it the best place possible to live! Each animal has such a unique personality, and you will love getting to know them.


This game allows you to be just about everything! A nature simulator where you can discover the world and play as an animal, planet, rock, bug, micro-organism, and more. Everything is all about different perspectives, discovery, and completing your encyclopedia of things. Play this game on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4.


Become a diver in the ocean! In ABZU, you explore the depths of the ocean and its many creatures, plants, and other life forms as an adventuring deep-sea diver. The ocean is losing its energy. With the help of a great white shark, bring life back to the sea and solve little puzzles along the way. This game is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.


Throughout six levels, you are the wind controlling a flower petal. There is no speech or text in this game: it’s just a quick relaxing play with beautiful scenery and music. This artistic game is available on PC, PS4, and iOS!


Journey is from the same company that developed Flower, but it is a few years older. You are a robed figure in the desert, and you see a mountain in the distance. You can explore the deserted area and the fallen civilization beneath the mountain, and then traverse up the mountain. This game is also about exploration and discovery with beautiful visuals. The game also has a multiplayer feature where you can collaborate with other players. Journey is available on PS4, Windows, and iOS.

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