Relationships Get Tested at SPRQ Point As Max Makes the Move to the Sixth Floor – S1 E10 ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ After Show

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If you could peer into everyone’s inner thoughts through a filter of music, would you? As Zoey struggles with her new ability that may or may not be an indication of lack of sanity, we’re here every week on the AFTERBUZZ TV ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST AFTER SHOW PODCAST breaking down each episode of our new favorite show! From news and gossip, story arc discussion, and even some predictions on what’ll happen to Zoey next! Subscribe and leave a comment to stay up to date!

When Max makes the official move to the sixth floor, Joan and Ava both claim the boy is theirs in an epic musical dance-off. However, Joan and her team suffer a major blow when Max chooses to remain with Ava and her team, taking his efforts on the latest The Chirp project with him. As tensions ride high at the work, Simon and Zoey come to terms with their grief as the two pursue a relationship following the news of Simon and Jessica’s separation. This all leads to Zoey having an outburst of her own with the potential of losing Max at work and her father at home, as his condition continues to worsen. Meanwhile Joan tries to navigate her relationship with Leif as he begins to catch feelings beyond what the two had agreed upon.

Panel: Brandon Hanna (@brandonhanna07), Emily Mae (@emilymaeheller), Amir Yassai (@amiryass_), and Kittie Kaboom (@kittiemeeyowww)

Special Guest: John Clearance Stewart (@stewart_iii)

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