Reid Miller Interview | AfterBuzz TV’s Mini Spotlight

AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Mini Spotlight edition, is a short form interview series featuring actors & artists discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode host Veronica Barriga interviews Reid Miller.

At just 17, Reid has already acted in major roles. A prominent social media presence has ledMiller to land starring roles in many digital series including his portrayal of Frank Underwood as a young teen in the miniseries, “Playhouse of Cards: The Web Series” which is now available to view on YouTube. You can also look for Miller as Evan Bergdorf in “Mr. Student Body President,” also streaming on Go90. He recently appeared in this season of ABC Family’s hit show “The Fosters” and just finished filming the feature film F.R.E.D.I out soon.

The movie follows the story of an adolescent boy named Wyrm who is falling behind.It is 1995. His twin sister, Myrcella, has become a woman after she and the Norwegian exchange student made it to second base at the cinemas. She wants Wyrm to move into their dead brother Dylan’s room so she can have privacy and space for her personal items.

As part of his Level 1 Sexuality Requirement Wyrm has six days to secure his first kiss or he’ll be held back and forced to continue wearing his My.E.Q. Electronic Emotional Remote Monitoring Collar as part of the School District’s No Child Left Alone program. Wyrm takes place in an alternate reality, retro-future 1990’s at the birth of the Internet age. Computers will replace humans soon, and the widespread implementation of statistics has led to incredible progress in tracking and guiding childhood development.

Can Wyrm find connection in this perfectly rational, pragmatically disconnected world? Or will Myrcella and his peers leave him behind?

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