Regrets and Reunions – S1 E4 ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Recap & Review

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Are you ready to fully explore the world of Star Trek and discover new worlds? From the original series to Discovery to Picard, We’re taking you way back before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission so you can discover everything there is to know about Star Trek. Each week we will discuss new findings and themes from the show. Tune in here for reviews of previous and current seasons, recaps of storylines, and in-depth discussions on specific themes from the trek universe.

Episode Recap

The episode begins 14 years ago on Vashti, a Romulan relocation hub.  Picard is there checking on the refugees and is warmly welcomed by all.  Picard has developed a friendship with a Elnor, a you Romulan child.  Before he can find Elnor a new home, Picard is altered about the attack on Mars and leaves Vashti saying he will return.  He does 14 years later telling Raffi that he may never get the chance to come here again.  He returns to Vashti and finds a rougher welcome awaiting him. Picard does reunite with an adult Elnor who has grown into an incredible fighter.  Initially, he is angry at Picard for abandoning him but at the end pledges his sword to his cause.  As Picard and the rest of the crew leave Vashti they are attacked by an old Romulan Bird of Prey.  A small ship comes to their aid and is destroyed.  The pilot is beamed to the bridge and revealed to be Seven of Nine. Meanwhile on the Borg cube Soji is still slowly trying to uncover the secret of the last Romulan. assimilation.
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