Regina King Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’: Our Favorite Moments

To celebrate Regina King’s hosting debut on ‘SNL’ Saturday night, we have a recap of her funniest moments.

Oscar-winner Regina King put her comedic skills to the test for her hosting gig Saturday night on SNL. Here is a recap of King’s best moments, filled with wild skits, retro moments, and gorilla glue.

Regina King’s Monologue Gets Some Help from Kenan Thompson

Cast member Kenan Thompson came to King’s side to help calm her nerves for her first time hosting. Acting as King’s hype man, Thompson interrupted her monologue with air horns, yelling, and loud applause. He even jokingly continued calling out an audience member he believed wasn’t clapping loud enough for King.

What’s Your Type

In this Valentine’s Day-inspired sketch, King plays an eligible bachelorette looking for love on a dating show. King admits she’s attracted to “cringe-worthy white dudes in their early 40s.” The show provides King with three white men, an overly ingenuine “woke” man, Mark (Kyle Mooney), a ‘90s boyband wannabe Kevin (Alex Moffat), and a contestant who is next-level awkward and pretty upfront about it, Link (Mikey Day). King’s character ends up choosing Link, proving that everyone has their own taste, even if that taste isn’t the best.

The Gorilla Glue Fiasco

Thompson and King star as lawyers Denzel and Latrice Commode in a parody inspired by the viral story of “Gorilla Glue Girl,” Tessica Brown. The lawyers talk about their search to represent clients who have been affected by using gorilla glue in place of a beauty product. Along with their issues with the glue product, Denzel and Latrice include testimonials from their family, including Chantel (Ego Nwodim) and Darius (Chris Redd).

The Negotiator

King gets a taste of some weird gummy bear candies in this pre-recorded sketch. While cast member Mikey Day holds Andrew Dismukues hostage on a rooftop, King and Bowen Yang play police officers trying to diffuse the situation. King admits she ate all of the neon-colored gummy bears labeled as evidence in the backseat of the police car, to Bowen’s dismay. They are actually weed gummy bears! King starts to hallucinate when seeing Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant as large real-life singing gummy bears. As she begins to dance along with the fictional characters, she falls asleep in the cop car.

‘70s Green Room

King plays a Diana Ross-styled diva, Fliona, who is getting ready for a Chicago performance. While Fliona asks for ridiculous food requests from her manager, Maurice (Bowen Yang), he tells her the dressing room only has one tiny dry salad. With hard-hitting slaps and dramatic ‘70s dialogue, Maurice and Fliona learn the venue is less than equipped with materials.

Women’s Theater

King, Kate Mckinnon, and Bryant are members of a feminist theater ensemble called Fembox in this school sketch. Elementary school educator, Mikey Day, explains to his students that the magician for their school assembly needed to be replaced by Fembox. Though the group promised an age-appropriate performance, King, Mckinnon, and Bryant played off the script, The Vagina Monologues, changing the word to elbow.

We loved seeing Regina King rock the SNL stage. With her wit, we hope to see her take on more comedic roles in the future!

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