Red Flags All Around – S1 E6 ‘Dare Me’ Review & Recap

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Where is your loyalty? USA Network presents Dare Me, an exploration of the volatile dynamics of competitive high school cheerleading in a small Midwestern town. Join us on the AFTERBUZZ TV DARE ME AFTERSHOW PODCAST, where we’ll be breaking down every lie, every backstab, every success and failure along the way.

Episode Recap

Addy finds herself in an elevated position on the squad. As coach is trying to make her family work by ignoring Will but ends up breaking her promise to herself. As coach is also trying to get her team ready for regionals. Beth struggles with relationships and feeling disconnected to everyone. Will goes off the handles as he is fantasizing about Colette and his recruiting team seems to be up to no good.
  • Today’s after show was hosted by: Taylor Gates, Ashmin Ram, Ebone Chatman, and Tyra Prude
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