Reality Checks Don‘t Bounce Season 1 Episode 10 ’Stumptown’ Recap & Review

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What does an Army veteran, criminal investigation, and Portland Oregon have in common? ABC’s Stumptown! On THE STUMPTOWN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST Every week our panel will discuss their thoughts on Dex Parios and her complicated life balancing her work, love life and her brother! They will also bring you amazing news and gossip as well as their special segment I got stumped!

Episode Recap

Dex appears on “Black Justice” and impresses Judge Antonio Pierce so much that he hires her to find his brother Latarus so that he can be served after selling his mother’s house from under her and leaving her homeless, After Dex finds Latarus but learns that he owes money to a Dwaddle Chan who was his business partners over some cats but because of customs Latarus couldn’t get the cats causing him to be kidnapped and ransomed to Antonio. Ansel wants to move out but Dex isn’t ready and refuses to really discuss the option with him. Dex and Hoffman are still awkward with each other. Hoffman gets roped into taking Captain White’s wife to Matchbox Twenty and when their car gets carjacked Hoffman must find the perpetrators with Grey’s help. After Judge Antonio Pierce gets shot saving his brother, he offers him $250,000 and to never see him again or he can help him get on with his life. Dex realizes she has to let Ansel go and be on her own if she wants to be able to have a healthy relationship with her brother.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Ollie Drennan @olliedreamer Chae’ Jones @realchaejones LaToya Blakely @LaToya.Blakely and Rachel Goodman @rachegoodman

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