Real Housewives Of New York S11 E8 Recap & After Show: Six Housewives and a Russian Bathhouse

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To a certain group of people in New York, status is everything…and with status comes plenty of drama to unpack on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY AFTER SHOW. We’ll recap all the buzz-worthy moments from the show, from the fabulous to the fights from our favorite Big Apple ladies. Tune in here for ALL the tea as we review, recap and provide in-depth discussions of the latest episodes! Who knows! You might just see some familiar cast member faces.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any crazier Leah takes the girls to a Russian spa located in “graffiti land” — as Sonja calls it — but instead of relaxation, yep, there’s ~confrontation~.

But first, Tinsley, Luann, and Leah meet up for brunch to discuss the whole Tinsley and Dorinda showdown from our previous orchard episode. Leah thinks Tinsley needs to demand Dorinda’s respect and “thug her out”; Lu thinks she just needs to stay quiet and let it be. (Great chat, girls!)  Meanwhile, Dorinda goes to see her life coach where we are reminded yet again that she is having a really rough time ATM.

Next, the ladies arrive at the spa! And let me tell you, it was a heck of a scene. But besides the hilarious branch massage and the Handmaid’s Tale ensemble, things heighten during lunch when Ramona confronts Dorinda about her nasty behavior towards Tinsley. Of course, this is unsuccessful and Dorinda fires back.

Finally, Ramona hosts a cocktail hour at her apartment. A few minutes into the party Sonja tells us that in the locker room at the spa, Ramona told her she needed to lose 10 pounds. With the group of women gathered around and the spa conversation in the air, Dorinda thinks it’s a good time to jump at Ramona saying, “I gotta tell you, Ramona, what you did to me yesterday was wrong.” The two immediately get into it, throwing insults left and right before Dorinda and Sonja ultimately decide to leave the party. But literally, not even a few seconds go by before Ramona chases after them apologizing. The three hug it out — and ok, I am happy they resolved their issues and yes, it was a beautiful moment — but we are still left with Dorinda (once again!) not taking accountability for her hurtful actions.

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