‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’s’ Marlo Hampton’s Best Moments

In honor of Marlo Hampton getting her peach on Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are looking into her best moments of past seasons. We will show how Marlo already had her peach before it was given to her this season.

Marlo Hampton was introduced to Real Housewives of Atlanta in late 2011 on their fourth season. She was shown to be a woman that wanted to impress Nene with her style, wealth, and capabilities of throwing shade just as good as Nene. This, however, did not sit well with Nene at first. It took time for Marlo to really grow on her. After they grew their friendship a bit more, Marlo was introduced to the rest of the cast and often got involved in their drama.

Marlo and Nene’s friendship became an iconic staple of the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise. It truly shows how all friendships have their ups and downs. They have clashed many times on the show giving some of the show’s best moments, but Marlo, at the end of the day, has always said and shown that she will be loyal to Nene, no matter what transpires between them.

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On the other hand, outside of Nene, Marlo has never been shy to call the other girls out and burn bridges if she has to. She has fought with almost every single cast member. This includes Kandi, Kim, Porsha, Kenya, Eva, and the most iconic feud we all remember and love was with Sheree.

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Marlo, throughout the years, has always had this pattern of starting many of the iconic scenes we all remember. For Example, “Who Said That” was orchestrated then no other but Ms.Hampton herself.

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Marlo is always on top of calling the girls out for anything she sees as fake. She will be the first one to put everything on the table and get it out of the way there and then. She doesn’t care what the other woman may say and has no issues ever giving them a good read if she has to.

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We are so excited to see Marlo finally continue on her journey, with now her well-deserved peach, after so many years. In this Season 14, we will finally dive deeper into who Marlo Hampton is, her family, and maybe how she really has been making her money.

On top of that, we will see her outside of being Nene’s number 1. We all want to see what drama and reads come out with Marlo being a cast member, with everyone else, especially with Sheree being back. Congratulations to Marlo, and we look forward to seeing her for many seasons.

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