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Join us as we follow Ramy’s journey through New York Career, Dating, Experiences, and more as a first generation egyptian-american. We’ll discuss the differences, the similarities, the controversy, and the life of others like him. On the RAMY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, our hosts will discuss each episode and bring you insider info. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things Ramy!

Episode Recap

Ramy season 2 is back! RECAP: HULU’S RAMY – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 1 – BAY’AH – in this episode Ramy is dealing with the depression of returning home from Egypt. Some time has passed and we see Ramy settling back into the midst of things reluctantly. Ramy spends his days in his room, depressed, thinking of his cousin he left behind, watching porn, and masturbating, as his friends and family are concerned, as we only see Mo, Ahmed, and Stevie in the opening, concerned for Ramy. Ramy returns to work with fan favorite Uncle Naseem who admits he was going to fire Ramy upon his return, however customers asked for him. Uncle Naseem is surprised customers missed Ramy and attributes this to they fact that Ramy ‘feels like them’ and has ‘Jewish energy.’ Humorously he states ‘your weakness makes them feel safe’ in his emasculating praise of Ramy. Uncle Naseem has a present for Ramy, he gives him the gun off his underwear strap, for protection.

Ramy proceeds to take the gun, then enters a bathroom stall to masturbate again, giving the sense he is becoming addicted to porn. At night, Ramy and his family are invited to Ramy’s father’s bosses house for a dinner. Farouk and Maysa are trying their best to act normal and impress Farouk’s boss. Dena announces her intention to go to law school, but not Yale the alma mater of the bosses son, to the noticeable disappointment of her father. Farouk takes a shot of whiskey to impress his boss. Ramy asks to go to the bathroom, to possibly masturbate again. In the bathroom, Ramy is inundated by self inspired rorschach tests in which he sees vagina in almost every pattern. The families senile grandfather enters the bathroom with Ramy on the toilet. He doesnt seem to notice Ramy as he washes his hands and uses the towels next to Ramy. Ramy becomes increasingly alarmed when the grandfather picks up Ramy’s gun, points it at him, and then himself. The boss calls for his father, who puts the gun away in his pocket without saying a word and walks out.

The next scene finds Ramy at his mosque speaking to the Imam, who’s concern is Ramy is leaving the Mosque. He confesses of his watching porn, to the chagrin of the Imam who stops him and suggests he takes three specific precautions; 1. Read the last 3 Surahs of the Quran every night, 2. Maintain Wudu through out the day, and 3. Fast. Ramy is not convinced as he exits but runs into the white guy at Mosque from Season 1. He tells Ramy he is switching Mosques to a Sufi location nearby. Ramy, familiar with Sufism in his travel to Egypt, has his interest piqued. Ramy meets the charismatic and enigmatic Sheikh Malik played by Mahershala Ali. We meet the Sheikh as he is teaching a student a harsh lesson in regards to gossip and talking poorly about fellow students. Ramy is enamored. Ramy has a meeting with the Sheikh which turns into a confession by Ramy in regards to sexual relationship with his cousin, porn watching, and generally running away. The Sheikh offers guidance, expressing Ramy must take an oath to him, known as the ‘bay’ah’.

HULU’S RAMY – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 2 – CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? – Ramy is taking his new spirituality and dedication to sufi Islam very seriously.  His eagerness annoys his family over dinner as he asks them to pray and if the chicken is halal.  His family warns him of the dangers of extremism.

At the mosque, Ramy is enamored by Sheikh Malik, but not everyone in the neighborhood is.  There are several anti-Muslim, anti-Sharia protestors outside the mosque.  Sheikh Malik treats them kindly and explains to Ramy they blame the mosque for losing a church, however the church was being foreclosed.  Sheikh Malik makes hot chocolate for the protestors and takes it outside.  The protestors are verbally aggressive with the calm Sheikh who places the hot chocolate on the ground and returns inside with Ramy.  They watch through the window as the protestors take the hot chocolates.

Ramy goes to the Mo’s Diner and finally we see his friends, Ahmed and Mo.  They are also concerned and annoyed by Ramy’s new found religious eagerness.  They also express to Ramy who “self absorbed” he is.

At the Diner, a persistent customer who asks for a job is at the counter waiting for Mo.  Upon hearing his story of looking for a job, Ramy goes over to introduce himself.  Ramy is inspired by his religious spirit to help this person get on his feet.  A caucasian male named Dennis who only orders lemons and hot water is at the counter.  Ramy speaks to him and buys him a meal.  Ramy insists he can help him and takes Dennis to the Mosque to ask Sheikh Malik for a job.

At the entrance of the mosque, Dennis hears the calls to prayer and is triggered.  Dennis is a veteran who served in Iraq and has PTSD from being there and actions he has done such as killing numerous bystanders including his “friend” Majid.  Ramy calms Dennis and says the past is the past and for him not to bring it up to the Sheikh.

Ramy goes inside and speaks to Sheikh Malik about giving Dennis a job.  Sheikh Malik’s daughter Zainab is present as well, reluctant to give Dennis a job.  She says there are Muslims who are suffering, Ramy however vouches for Dennis lying in regards to the closeness of their relationship.  Dennis turns out to be a great helper and builder, even building a ramp to the center. 

Dennis feels welcome at the mosque.  After a humors conversation with Mo in regards to the ‘s’ in ‘Muslim’ being a soft ‘s’ and how its not a ‘z’ but rather a soft ‘s’ like in the word ‘p%ssy’, Dennis decides to become a Muslim.  On the day he is taking ‘shahahda’ the testimony to be Muslim, there are protestors outside.  After taking the pledge and beginning the prayer, Dennis is triggered and severely beats a protestor.  Ramy runs out and stops him but it may be too late.

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