Quick New Comedies to Lighten Your Mood!

Streaming services put out new shows every day. Here’s some binge-able comedies to leave you with a smile on your face!

The streaming wars are in full swing. Services drop new shows from prestige dramas to reality shows to hilarious comedies every week. Some are dropped all at once, some two a week and some the old fashioned once a week release. A lot of these shows have been quick comedies that may have gone under the radar. Here’s what we’ve been watching. 

The Afterparty – Apple+ – Full Season Released – Renewed for S2

The Afterparty is a comic murder mystery with a twist. Each episode is a different genre and style of television based off of the character being interviewed. The characters are fun to root for, the mystery is compelling, and the season pays off in a satisfying manner. A very modern murder mystery show, the creators actively left clues every episode for viewers that can be found online to help you solve the murder. 

Our Flag Means Death – HBO Max – Full Season Released

Our Flag Means Death comes from David Jenkins, creator of People of Earth and Taika Waititi. It is a pirate comedy about finding a new path in life. Inspired by the life of Stede Bonnet, the “Gentleman Pirate” who left his life of luxury for the sea, Our Flag Means Death takes that story and views it through a comedic what if lens. It’s both exaggerated humor and dry wit that may not be for everyone but by the time Blackbeard (played by Waititi) shows up, the show rises to a whole new level. Even becoming a pirate rom com.  

Murderville – Netflix – Full Season Released 

Even goofier then Our Flag Means Death is Netflix’s Murderville starring Will Arnett. As Homicide Detective Terry Seattle, he must solve crimes every episode. But there’s a twist as every episode introduces a new partner played by a guest who has not seen the script and will have to guess the murderer at the end. Starting off with Conan O Brien and ranging from Marshawn Lynch to Sharon Stone, the joy of the show is watching Arnett riff with the guest and take the scenes into even more absurdist scenarios. And the cases are solvable if you look for the right clues. 

Minx – HBO Max – Thursdays 

Minx is a newer show that has only currently released 4 episodes, but those episodes show a lot of promise as a clever historical comedy. Following Joyce Prigger (Ophelia Lovegood) as she tries to publish a women’s magazine in 1970’s LA. She instead ends up in business with Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson), a publisher of sleaze magazines. They partner on her magazine making it a porn and feminist magazine along with other characters making up the editorial staff. It’s a cleverly written show and the ensemble is hilarious. It is quite graphic with male nudity especially. HBO Max drops two episodes every Thursday.  

And some bonus shows that audiences may enjoy as well – 

The Cuphead – Netflix- Full Season Released – Renewed for S2 

An animated spin off of the beloved game, The Cuphead harkens back to old Saturday morning cartoons. Consisting of 12, 15-minute episodes loosely connected but tying into each other, its throwback nature is very charming. From the gorgeous animation to comical interpretations of the Devil, it’s a kid’s show but animation fans may want to watch to see the gorgeous scenes and worlds and great voice acting. 

Abbott Elementary – ABC – Currently Airing – Renewed for S2

And I have to mention the network hit of the season, Abbot Elementary, about a group of teachers at an underfunded elementary school in Philadelphia trying their best. Its tone is similar to The Office or Parks and Recreation and most of the characters are likable to watch as they try to pull off miracles. It can be a bit over the top though so some may find it annoying while others will find it hilarious. 

Hopefully one of these shows does the job !

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