Quibi’s Reno 911! S7 E1 – E7 Recap & After Show: The Team is Back and Better Than Ever!

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Episode 1

Meet Jeffy

The team is back and better than ever. The Reno Sheriff Department is back with a brand new season premiere on Quibi. The team introduces a new security guard to the force, Jeffy. They also respond to a live bank robbery where special guest Michael Ian Black makes a cameo.

Episode 2

Concealed Carry Fashion Show

The running bit of Lt. Dangle’s bike being stolen continues with an opening scene with Travis and Deputy Birdsong. Officers Clementine and Trudy participate in a conceal carry fashion show that doesn’t go exactly as planned. We also see the return of Dave Holmes, aka Leslie Frost, as the fashion show deejay.

Episode 3

Thriller Funeral

TT is back and sadly it’s for her Auntie’s funeral. TT is grieving as you would expect, filled with emotion and choreography to let out her feelings. Of course, the overdone parade to the burial ends up as a high speed chase by foot with everyone in tears by the time they reach their destination.

Episode 4

Let’s Shoot a White Guy, Part 1. 

The department puts together an action plan based on a memo indicating that they, as the title suggests, shot a white guy to skew their statistics. We also see a reemergence of Clemmy’s now infamous sobriety checkpoints. Let’s just say, not much has changed regarding the creativity of Clementine’s colorful sobriety tests.

Episode 5

Let’s Shoot a White Guy, Part 2.

In the second part of this ongoing saga we see the sheriff’s depart new initiative in action as the team tries their best to skew shooting statistics. We are also introduced to Trudy Weigal on the World Wide Web as the team’s newest member Jerry watches her antics. Trudy combines a rat glue trap, unwanted body hair and a camera — enough said.

Episode 6

I Need All The Attachments

We’ve got a public trespassing disturbance on our hands and the deputies try to put a stop to it at a restaurant. Shortly after, they decide to go into a house fire instead of waiting for the fire department. This was a terrible idea. They’re taking out one small belonging at a time and at the owner’s request, they make sure to grab the blender and all of its attachments.

Episode 7

Space Force 

In “Space Force” we see another cameo from a familiar face, Tim Allen. Tim steps in as the fictional commander hired by the team to embarrass Lt. Dangle’s dreams of being on the space force. Meanwhile, Officer Jones and Clementine make a discovery of a lifetime in a suspect’s storage unit. Will these officers upload the law? It’s Reno 911!, of course they won’t!

  • Hosted by: James Maple, Elgin Ball, and Trina Dong

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