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Hosts Candice Cruz, Alex Bowers and Jorge Pallo breakdown the epic showdown on the season finale of Queen of the South. Tune in now to find out who wins the war… for now! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the episode!


Money doesn’t buy happiness. This is especially relevant to Teresa Mendoza, a poor woman living in Mexico who falls in love with a successful member of a drug cartel. After her boyfriend is murdered she flees the country and stars up her own drug empire. Follow along in our QUEEN OF THE SOUTH AFTER SHOW as we watch Teresa realize money doesn’t always fix all the problems.


While living in the barrio of Jalisco, Mexico, poor Teresa Mendoza falls in love with a member of a successful drug cartel, hoping the love will help her rise above the hopelessness she feels in her life. When it doesn’t happen, she is forced to flee the country after her boyfriend is murdered. She seeks refuge in America, where she teams up with an unlikely person from her past to take down the leader of the drug ring that is after her. Teresa ends up starting her own drug empire, becoming one of the world’s wealthiest women in the process. With her success, she discovers that money doesn’t fix all of her problems, and she can only depend on herself if she wants to stay one step ahead of others and stay alive.

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