How JIMMY FALLON is Staying Busy During Quarantine

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – March 30th 2020, 9:04am pst

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon has suspended production due to the coronavirus.

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However, this isn’t stopping Jimmy from producing a show. More than anything he is embracing being quarantined and started a new series called, The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

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“The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (The First One) Watch now on YouTube!”

To start off the show Jimmy wants to keep things tradidational by doing his usual monologue jokes.

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“I saw that Hallmark is giving away one million free cards so people can send notes to loved ones. That’s really great because one thing we need right now, is people touching licked envelopes.”

Jimmy has a good point! We all love Hallmark but spreading less germs the better. Don’t worry! We can still get our Hallmark fix by tuning in to watch their Christmas movie marathon or Spring Flings that are now airing every weekend. Thanks Jimmy for looking out for us!

Jimmy is also looking out for his family. He posted a 20 second video of him singing to his daughters about the importance of washing your hands.

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“Wash your hands. DON’T touch your face. If you wash your hands and you don’t touch your face then the world will be a better place…#WashYourHandsSong.”

Alright…new rule we will play this video every time we wash our hands. #JimmyKnowsBest.

He recently had Jennifer Garner on as a special guest through Zoom and she talks about a charity she is involved with to help families during this scary time.

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“You know between 25 and 30 million kids in the United States rely on school for food. Free and reduced lunches, breakfast, backpack programs.” Garner states, “ I was with Save the Children where they opened their lunch rooms at the end of the school day, and kids take home cartons of food.”

Jennifer, believing in the cause did not hesitate to jump on board wanting to help those families in need.

“It’s been kind of non-stop since then and really great. It’s great to have a purpose right now.”

Good for you Jen! It’s great to be thinking about the positives and how we can all come together during the hard times.

The best part about, The Tonight Show: At Home Edition:
Jimmy will highlight a different charity each night that you can donate to to help those in need. Jimmy, you’re amazing!  We appreciate this!

He also wanted to congratulate his good friend Kamal Gray (band member from The Roots) on welcoming a baby boy.

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“I want to quickly first give a congrats to our pal. Kamal had a baby boy.” Jimmy States, “Congratulations to the whole fam beautiful baby boy!”

Aww he is beautiful! We love hearing good news during this stressful time. Speaking of Kamal, Jimmy and The Roots did a cover of “Stuck in the Middle With You”.

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“I miss everyone in The Roots. In fact, we got together Zoom and technology and made a little song because right now I think everyone feels like we’re a little stuck in the middle.”

Great job! This cover is just as good as the original song. Who else is probably feeling like they’re stuck in the middle are parents. With school’s closed parents are now having to get creative with teaching their kids.

Jimmy is also having similar struggles. He shares during one of his segments called, “Thank You Notes,” on what he and his family are doing for homeschooling.

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“Thank you homeschooling for basically being 20 minutes of work and 6 hours of educational Disney movies.”

Jimmy you’re not the only one. I’m sure a lot of parents are including Disney movies as a part of their kids extra curricular activities. We can agree that Frozen 2 has valuable information to learn while parents get a break for 1 hour and 44 minutes.

But parents really do have the best interests of their kids in mind. According to Jimmy they will be there for you when you need them most; especially your mom. Jimmy performed his new song, “Prom with Your Mom.”

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“For a lot of kids, school has been suspended for the rest of the year, so that means no sports, no graduation, and of course no prom.”

We think this song could be a hit and the graduating Seniors might be inspired after listening.

“You’re gonna have to go to prom with your mom. She’s not your first choice, but she’s the only one cause your sister said no and your dog’s no fun…”

Ok…maybe we won’t take Jimmy’s advice on this one, but at least families can all be together while they quarantine.

Thanks Jimmy for still producing a show and keeping us entertained. We’ll be sure to check out more of your YouTube At Home Edition videos.

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Chelsie Overocker is a host for AfterBuzz TV. She grew up in Denver, Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing.

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About The Author:

Chelsie Overocker is a host for AfterBuzz TV. She grew up in Denver, Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing.

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