Pruitt Sacrifices His Life For His Station 19 Family – S3 E12 ‘Station 19’ Recap & Review

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The Station 19 AfterBuzz TVAfter Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of ABC’s Station 19. Join our hosts every single week for plot breakdowns, character discussion, news, and more!

Jackson is officially a part-time member of Ben’s Physician Response Team but his romance with Vic may be back on full-time. Emmett begs Travis to keep their secret romance going but Travis is more focused on saving his life. Dean bonds with an OG Firefighter crew and realizes he still needs to do more to prep for his daughters future. Newlyweds Sullivan and Andy get trapped in a storage facility while Pruitt saves the day but risks his life.

  • This After Show Was Hosted By: Linda Antwi (@lindaissogirlie) & Tsahai M. Wilson (@SayHiTsahai)

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